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Thanks again for a beautiful set of sails, they are dandy

Pete Bruce

Thank you all for the excellent job on the new mainsail. The sail is perfect and all the modifications Mark suggested have proved correct. She is handling really well... most noticeable in light winds. …..Just nice to work with people who know what they are doing!

Keith & Liz Skingley

Quite fantastic, speechless!!

Richard Bond

The lug sail was made by yourselves and I was very impressed with the quality of materials and the workmanship.

Tim Rowe

Have had lots of guests, and even sail makers admiring the handicraft on the sails. And not only the looks, it's a combination of look, feel, and functionality; and they work well! I must admit that buying sails from you was definitely one of the best decisions of 2017!

Visa Roine, Helsinki

I’ve been meaning to send a note to tell you how pleased and pleasantly surprised we have all been with the functionality and performance of the cotton sails.

Andrew Giblin, Mystic Seaport

I wanted to thank you, Mark and the rest of the co. for the beautiful sails you have made for us. I really appreciate the attention you have all taken to turn out such a nice product

Pete Bruce, Canada

As we say here, you look after the small man as well as the big spender

Brian Ingram, Ireland

Thanks for the time you spent measuring and making such a perfect sail, proper craft and skill – well done

Dick Smith

Thank you for the transformation of how “Touchwood” now sails after the final 2 new sails have been fitted. She is so well balanced , the helm is light, windward performance vastly improved, and faster overall on any point of sail”

Steve Gurney

The sails have exceeded expectations: the authenticity is near perfect and the sail shape and cotton really does improve the way the boat sails; the boat seems happier sailing with the cotton she was designed for


I don’t know what I would have done about the sail work without your willingness to fix my mess. Your skilled sailmakers are a rare asset in the world of sails

Nat Wilson

The sails looks beautiful and the boat sails wonderfully well, perfectly balanced

Olafs Jonsson

Sail has arrived safely and is now bent onto spars – to which it fits perfectly – and is absolutely beautiful! I am thrilled with it

David Platten

Sails filled and pulled and balanced beautifully….nice one. And a big thanks to you for your enthusiasm and quality of work

John Lintell

Thank you for the absolutely perfect set of sails you made… I would not have believed how perfect they could be


Oh my God! The sail is here I’VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SAIL! Overwhelming. Undescribable. Unbelievable. SMASHING! This is a real masterpiece

Norbet Misch-Kunert