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Mesh Sails

Mesh sails for advertising and corporate

Many of our customers display either a sponsor’s name or their own company/services on large mesh sails. These can be set both in harbour, or when sailing, filling the space of an existing sail but allowing the free movement of wind - the vessel is not unduly affected by the presence of even several hundred square feet of sail area.

These mesh sails, with large lettering and logos, look stunning and have high impact, and when set can be seen from afar making them ideal to use at boat shows, opening ceremonies, product launchings even boat launchings! Displayed in harbour they also look amazing at night.


Promote your
company, product
or sponsor

Whether set on their own with the existing sail stowed, or set in front of an existing sail when under way making it look like the lettering/logo is on the sail behind, mesh sails are an excellent and effective way to promote your company, product or sponsor.

We, at James Lawrence, are proud to make the very best available.